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At Colorado Siding repair, we have you covered for all your siding needs… but what about the rest of your home? We believe new windows and new siding go hand in hand to drastically increase your home’s energy efficiency, improve it’s curb appeal, with the highest return on investment in your home’s long-term value. Since we are well versed in your home’s siding and exterior, we can skip the hassle and get right to business with installing the windows you want at the right fit and right price!

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We Have Window Styles To Fit Every Home

Double Hung Windows

Both top and bottom sashes operate. Mainly tilt options available.

Single Hung

Bottom sash slides up vertically and the top panel is inoperable.

Sliding Windows

Both top and bottom sashes operate. Mainly tilt options available.

Casement Windows

Cranks outward by hinging at the left or right side.

Bay Windows

Three windows that project from the home with a fixed center window and side flankers that operate.

Bow Windows

Comprised of three or more windows, assembling along a common radius.

Radius Window

Non-operating or operating windows that have a radius arc as part of their shape.

Garden Windows

Trapezoid-shaped flanker casement windows that open for ventilation.

Awning Windows

A non-venting or inoperable fixed window.

Picture Windows

Hinged at the top and cranks outward.

Glider Windows

Sash rollers to open the window from top or bottom, protruding out.

Specialty Windows

Custom windows to fit any size or space.

Energy Efficient Windows Can Literally Pay for Themselves

The best time to replace your windows is when you are already replacing your siding. If you don’t need to replace siding, who better to replace your windows than a company that knows siding and window measurements and can change out any trim in the process?

Here are reasons why you should consider replacing your windows along with your siding:

    Increase your energy efficiency and lower energy costs.
    Reduce drafts/hot spots/condensation to improve comfort.
    If you have windows that are worn out, stuck shut, or don’t stay open, why not replace them with your home’s siding?
    Go the full mile and completely enhance your home’s appearance.
    Cut back on maintenance and save money by cutting out the middleman.
    Boost your home’s value and resale potential.

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Identifying Your Window Needs

We don’t go and knock on doors. As opposed to someone who shows up and gives you a high-pressure sales pitch, we take an educational approach. It’s not about the sale—it’s about getting you what you need. We educate you and work with you to help you accomplish your goals for your home.

Unlike our competitors, you can rely on us to provide unique services such as:

Fixed Pricing

Fixed Pricing

Fixed Pricing

Educational Approach

We want to be Your Trusted Window Guide.

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